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Hello, my name is Zach. I am 13 years old and I am a CEO. Last year I created a business plan for my 3D printing business. I borrowed money from my Dad to buy a 3D printer and have been printing nametags and other items. I sold them to neighbors, friends and classmates. 

It all started when I attended the US Science Fair last year and really wanted a 3D printer. My Dad said a 3D printer is too expensive and said I should make my own money to buy one. My Dad is a business owner too. He showed me a business planning book and I got the idea of 'financing' my 3D printing business. Now I have a 3D printer and also have a business.

I think it is a cool idea to start your own business and I want to share how I did it. I want to share how to put together a simple business plan, some techniques that I use to sell, and many of the mistakes that I have made.

I have since written down my experience in a book. In 2015, I presented in 4 Maker Faires including San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, and Rome. 

I believe we can all be CEOs.